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Dog Eared Books has been a terrific opportunity to explore the world of second hand books. I worked for almost ten years in new bookstores. However branching out into the old and rare books has been a whole new experience. I've also had great fun recommending all my old favourites in a way I never could working in a new release bookshop.

For a few years I was the kids buyer at Hill of Content in Balmain, so I’ve read all the kids books. And it's been terrific to have so much positive feedback on my completely revitalized kids and young adult sections. So come and visit if you’ve got some recalcitrant kids who don’t like reading or simply love a good kids book.

Even though I’ve had to read kids books in the past, I’ve also been keeping on top of the normal fiction, crime, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy and the odd non-fiction book. So do come, say hello and ask as many questions as you’d like about our selection of books and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Being a fan of the colour pink, cats and bunny rabbits it wasn't a huge leap to working at Dog Eared Books with dogs and blue being one of the considerations. A big non-fiction reader, I have been embracing all sorts of new genres of writing since starting my morning shifts. Although not as fast a reader as Kate I enjoy taking my time through books. So if you're looking for books to digest slowly, I'm the one to talk to.


Working at Dog Eared Books has been a wonderful opportunity for me to experience many different genres and widen my reading! I've loved stories (in books as well as audiobooks) ever since I was very young and have enjoyed reading plenty of children's and young adult books. I have recently started venturing into books from other categories but fantasy ones are my favourite and I believe that it's the sort of genre that's open to all age groups. I always enjoy coming into the shop on Saturdays and chatting with all the customers that drop in!


From a very young age I’ve always been obsessed with books, often finding myself reading in secret after I was meant to go to sleep. Mostly I tend to gravitate towards fantasy and young adult novels but some of my favourite books that I have read have been historical fiction, crime and classics, and I’m keen to read more of them! One of my favourite things to do is to talk about books so if you see me be sure to say hi. 

Please note there are no current job Vacancies.

Due to the nature of our small business if you are interested in working at Dog Eared Books

we would expect to know you as a regular visitor.

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