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We are OPEN however we have a limit of TWO customers/family groups at a time so are encouraging you to still make appointments for priority access. 
Although restrictions have eased there is still 4-by-4 metre rule for public spaces and as Dog Eared is quite a small space we are still limited to TWO customers/family groups at a time.
Email or call us, work out a day and time that suits where you can come along, bring your books, browse to your hearts content and have the shop to yourself for ten minutes. 
Dog Eared Books
Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
10 - 5pm
10 - 2pm
Closed Public Holidays
You can also browse on Facebook & Instagram!
We will be regularly posting photos of our shelves so you can browse at your leisure at home.
Then all you need to do is email
and we can organise payment either through Credit Card or PayPal. And no you do not need a Facebook account to visit our page, simply Google - Dog Eared Books Pennant Hills Facebook

We hope that you continue to support us and other local businesses as much as you are able. We will be endeavouring to give our full service of recommending good books and have a chat about some of our favourite authors. Feel free to email us at and we will reply as soon as we are able!

Dog Eared Books has been part of Pennant Hills for over ten years. With a hand picked selection of books you will be surprised at the breadth of books available in such a small shop. We're always ready to chat about what books you've read, which you've loved and which you hated. If you're stuck between books at the moment ask for a recommendation as we love to spread the love!


We specialize in new release and paperbacks. However, we also have a petite section of old and rare books. As soon as anything new comes in we update our online 'Books section' of old and rare items. (Can be reached if you're having difficulty with the link)



Do you exchange books?

Yes we do!

But we are picky in our choices - we cannot take everything all the time unfortunately. If you’ve got books you’d like to bring in we are always happy to have a look. However please do not bring lots of books without checking.

We prefer afternoons (1-4pm) for bringing books.


We give credit for use in store (the more recent the book was published, the more credit for normal fiction etc) so you can get more books or email us in regards to purchasing books if you're got something really special to sell.

Dog Eared Books

If you've got a big pile of books (more than five) the best thing to do is take a photo of them in a pile with the spines facing out and email it to us. We'll let you know very quickly which ones we can take and which we can't.

Every month or so we'll send out a Twilight Bark email newsletter, letting you know of any interesting books that have arrived recently, keeping you updated on our blog posts and other bookish news from around the area. If you want to sign up, send your email address to:

Please note there are no current Job Vacancies and we will not reply to unsolicited job applications.

Due to the nature of our small business if you are interested in working at Dog Eared Books we would expect to know you as a regular visitor.

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