A gorgeous photographic exploration of a diverse range of dogs from the land down under, from working dogs to suburban canines, Aboriginal camp dogs to the ordinary Aussie mongrel

There's no room for pampered pooches here; this is a celebration of real dogs—down to earth, sand-in-the-mouth, dust-in-the-ears, slobber-all-over-the-place Australian dogs. Accompanying these dogs that truly represent the Australian way of life is a cross section of people who share their lives with man's best friend, and the many stories and yarns that go with them. Featuring ordinary working folk, moms and dads, indigenous people, and countless other characters, these narratives are often funny, sometimes heroic, frequently heartfelt and moving, but always worth telling. This book is also a showcase of the Australian landscape. Dogs play the lead role, but it is the combination of canine personality and the relationship between location, human, and animal, that allows a true connection with these distinctive and honest portraits.



Australian Mongrel by David Darcy