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Cage me a Peacock by Noel Langley

Cage me a Peacock by Noel Langley

Noel Langley has taken the classic story of the rape of Lucretia as the model for this satire. In his hands, the legend becomes a study in the art of making the best of two worlds. It is the story of a peasant-girl who, in all simplicity and kind-heartedness, leaves a pastoral idyll and weaves an incredible tale of bigamy, seduction, and deception around the swaggering, victorious Roman Army, as she dances her joyous way through its ranks. The tale has wite and salt and malice. It makes a Roman Holiday in all its heartlessness and all its gaiety, as the sacrifice of self-righteousness. It is justly named. It has all the gay parade, the elegance, the absurdity - and the bite - of a superb peacock.Hardback with some spine damage but otherwise a clean copy inside.

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