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Chips from a German Workshop by F. Max Muller

Chips from a German Workshop by F. Max Muller


Excerpt from Chips From a German Workshop, Vol. 3 German more materially than the Greek of Homer differs from the Greek of Demosthenes. Even in Ger many these languages are studied only by professional antiquarians and scholars, and they do not form part of the general system of instruction in public schools and universities. The study of Gothic grammar alone (where we still find a dual in addition to the singular and plural, and where some tenses of the pas sive are still formed, as in Greek and Latin, without auxiliary verbs), would require as much time as the study of Greek grammar, though it would not Offer the key to a literature like that of Greece. Old High German, again, is as difficult a language to a German as anglo-saxon is to an Englishman and the Middle high-german of the Nibelunge, of Wolfram, and Walther, nay even of Eckhart and Tauler, is more re mote from the language of Goethe than Chaucer is from Tennyson. 


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