"Classic Cakes" is a tribute to the great home-cooking of our mothers and grandmothers. Once, the kitchen was the only place to be. There was always the smell of freshly baked cakes in the air. Hot, sweet cakes would emerge from the oven and be left to cool on wire racks awaiting a generous coating of icing. Everyday was cake day. There was always a little something in the cupboard in case friends dropped by or just to have with a nice cup of tea. The cooking was honest, sincere and simple. This book reminds us of home, heart and hearth and of gentler times when life was less chaotic. "Classic Cakes" includes such all-time favourites as Marble Cake, Gingerbread, Victoria Sponge, Tea Cake, Butterfly Cakes and many more. These are practical recipes to be used over and over again but most of all, to be enjoyed.



Classic Australian Cakes by Alice May