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Crocodile Safari Man by Keith Adams

Crocodile Safari Man by Keith Adams


Crocodile Safari Man: My Tasmanian Childhood in the Great Depression & Over 50 Years of Desert Safaries to the Gulf of Carpentaria 1949-2003


The Crocodile-Hunter Who Became a Movie Producer! In 1955 an unknown Aussie battler made an amateur film. It was the world's most colossal, flipping home movie show' about him and his family surviving the Outback deserts and shooting monster crocodiles in the Gulf of Carpentaria. He went on to make millions of dollars screening the film himself in every state in Australia, and then in the USA, Canada, England, South Africa and New Zealand. In one city he did better box office than The Sound of Music! Decades before Attenborough or the Bush Tucker Man, Keith Adams' home-movie showed how to live with the mammals, marsupials, reptiles, rodents, giant fish, dugongs and sharks of Northern Australia. He established his home base in a cave in the Sir Edward Pellew Islands and hunted together with the Aborigines, sharing their secrets. They called him 'Uncle'. Keith Adams and his battered old Buick with the crocodile head on top were featured in every metropolitan newspaper in Australia. Forget about the imitative Johnny-come-lately Crocodile Dundee! Here is the original Aussie Battler from the 1950s and this is his life story - from rags to riches! And he still prefers his cave in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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