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Ever Reaping Something New, A Science Centenary

Ever Reaping Something New, A Science Centenary



On 2 May 1885 two candidates received the degree of Bachelor of Science, the first such degrees conferred by the University of Sydney. This book, prepared to commemorate the centenary of that event, covers the history of science teaching and research in the University since its inauguration in 1852. There are 15 chapters, with the first covering the Science Faculty's first century, and the next nine covering each area of science in turn, beginning with mathematics, physics and chemistry (taught by two of the three inaugural professors), and proceeding through earth sciences, life sciences, psychology, and various applied sciences. The remaining chapters cover the special part played by the service community in the Faculty, the establishment of science in a rural setting (New England University College), the role of science societies in the Unversity, and extensive cover of the part played by women in science, and a chapter on great and lesser men.



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