Franklin Harbour district is one of the older established areas on Eyre Peninsula. This area was first seen by Captain Matthew Flinders in the "Investigator" in 1802, when he reported a large lagoon (Franklin Harbour) visible from the mast-head, and gave the name Elbow Hill to a point in the coastal range. In 1840, Governor Gawler visited the area from Port Lincoln, and named Franklin Harbour after a midshipman on Flinders' vessel - John (later Sir John) Franklin.
Franklin Harbour is virtually a land locked harbour, with a narrow entrance about 300 meters wide through which vessels have entry. The entrance is like a fast flowing river when the tide is running. In the early part of this century, and until the advent of reliable motor transport, it was an important shipping port and it was a common sight to see three coastal vessels tied to the jetty several times a week.

Franklin Harbour District Council 1888-1988