Seldom can the true history of a secret service be revealed but the total collapse of Nazi Germany provided the opportunity and Dr. Paul Leverkuehn has taken it. He was himself a senior member of the Abwehr, Germany's Military Intelligence Service, and one of Admiral Canaris's trusted collaborators. He has sought out some of the most important survivors of the Abwehr, and in this book we have their stories as well as his own. During the war the author was chief of German espionage in Turkey and the Near East and he describes the elaborate intrigues with the Mufti of Jerusalem and Rashid Ali, the Iraqi Prime Minister, whom he smuggled out of Turkey disguised as a German journalist. He tells many other fascinating stories of the Abwehr: that of the man who sailed an agent 14,000 miles to operate against the British in South Africa; of the men who organized the 'Brandenburg Commandos' who operated far behind the Russian lines in enemy uniform; of the mysterious Klatt, who claimed to be in contact with a radio operator inside the Kremlin; of the unmasking of the great Soviet spy organization the Rote Kapelle, which functioned inside the German Air Ministry. He also throws interesting light on the German's use of nationalist minorities; the intrigues with the Flemish nationalists in Belgium; the negotiations with the I.R.A. in Ireland; and the recruitment of Ukrainians against Russia. This book is the first authoritative account of the German Military Service and in important contribution to the history of the Second World War. Some damage to the back cover but doesn't affect the reading of the book.


German Military Intelligence by Paul Leverkuehn



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