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Life in the Australian Backblocks by Sorenson

Life in the Australian Backblocks by Sorenson

ExcerptThey trust one another implicitly (note that bush people don't lock up their houses when they go out, and property left unguarded day and night in tents is not molested), and in field and camp their conduct in regard to one another is governed by the best impulses and the highest principles Of white men. Every thing they have is shared one lends his trousers and Shirt as readily as money or horses; and when it comes to the last smoke the pipe is passed round, for the least suggestion of Selfish ne'ss or stiffness would be considered an un pardonable breach Of faith. When one has been to town the others overhaul his purchases, and when he has counted the balance of his coin if there is any — they reckon up what the trip has cost him. He tells them how many drinks he had, how he came to have them, who were his pot-companions, what he said to this one, and what that one said to him how many times he fell off coming home, how he got On again, and all the rest of it.
This has a plastic wrap over the dustjacket that keeps it protected.

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