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Memoirs of Marie Antoinette by Madame Campan

Memoirs of Marie Antoinette by Madame Campan

Jeanne Louise Henriette Campan (née Genet; 6 October[1] 1752, Paris – 16 March 1822, Mantes) was a French educator, writer and lady-in-waiting. She was in the service of Marie Antoinette before and during the French Revolution.
Henriette Campan died in 1822, leaving valuable Memoirs of the Private Life of Marie Antoinette (published 1823 (posthumously), Paris, 3 vols.), subtitled To which are Added Personal Recollections Illustrative of the Reigns of Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI (French: Mémoires sur la vie privée de Marie Antoinette, suivis de souvenirs et anecdotes historiques sur les règnes de Louis XIV – XV).

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