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My Partner, Ben Hogan by Jimmy Demaret

My Partner, Ben Hogan by Jimmy Demaret

Hardcover, First Edition, 214 pagesPublished 1954 by McGraw-Hill 
Demaret has been shooting down the fairways and up to the greens with Hogan long since and as a winner in his own right, needs no introduction to anyone who's kept the least tabs on the golfing world for the past decade or two. As raconteur of Hogan's life, he is thoroughly familiar with the course and uses typical flourishes, of quips and anecdotes that season the whole for the fans with more corn than salt. It is a jaunty and admiring run through of Hogan's life. Along with the vital statistics, Demaret pays heed to the history of the game itself, sidetracks to the hallows of St. Andrews as well as the hazards of tournament play, the arguments for professionalism, Hogan's own personal quirks and methods and of course many play by play accounts of famous matches. The fact that Hogan is Eisenhower's partner too should not handicap the book.

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