Northern Territory Sketchbook has been written and illustrated by two men who know the Centre and the Territory from long and intimate experience. Douglas Lockwood has written several books on the area, and Ainslie Roberts is well-known for his Aboriginal Dreamtime paintings. Both of them have travelled many thousands of miles between Alice Springs and the northern coast. Their combined talents have produced a book which is the essence of the Northern Territory; its trange land forms, its unique traditions, its legends, people, history, settlements, and oddities. For people who have visited the Territory, this book will be the perfect souvenir, while for those yet to go there it is full of intriguing sidelights of an area which has not yet surrendered all its secrets. Douglas Lockwood's colourful prose complements the sharp-etched strength of Ainslie Robert's sketches, and their work is a fine addition to the extremely successful Sketchbook series.


Northern Territory Sketchbook by Roberts & Lockwood