A book packed with incidents that helped to make the Northern Territory Mounted Police Force famous - encounters with aboriginal outlaws and white desperadoes, long patrols through waterlogged or waterless country in search of cattle-duffers, the quest for the mythical "White Women of Arnhem Land," the rescue work of the police during the Darwin bombings, the handling of Mrs Petrov's defection from the Russians, the Darwin "Revolution," and much more. And featuring throughout the book are the handful of uniformed men who kept order and upheld the law over that vast and sparsely settled 500,000 square miles of country - one of the loneliest areas of white settlement in the world. These were the men, who with their trackers, set out calmly and courageously on many a "Patrol Indefinite" that is filled with adventures and dangers that, almost everyday experiences to them, would last an armchair adventurer a lifetime. Profusely illus. + Index. 212pp. p/back.


Patrol Indefinite by Sidney Downer