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Peter the Whaler by W.G.H. Kingston

Peter the Whaler by W.G.H. Kingston

Peter's father is a country vicar in Ireland, and Peter is a naughty teenager, who has got in with friends who encourage poaching, at that time a most serious offence. His father confiscates the gun, but one night Peter recovers the gun and has another coaching expedition, during which he is caught by the gamekeepers. The magistrate releases him to his father, who travels with him to Liverpool. For fifteen pounds Captain Swales of the Black Swan agrees to take him and to teach him the rudiments of seamanship on a return voyage to Canada. It turned out she was an ill-managed emigrant ship, and the emigrants were very badly treated. Captain Swales and his officers are as nasty as they come. There is a fire on board, and the people are rescued by the Mary, Captain Dean, who is a very different kind of man than the despicable Captain Swales. At Quebec Peter joins the Foam, Captain Hawk. There then follows a series of events, some good, and some bad, but all well-written.

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