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Reefer and RifleMan by J. Percy-Groves

Reefer and RifleMan by J. Percy-Groves

A tale of the naval and military services in the early part of the present century. The hero enters the Royal Navy just after the rupture of the Peace of Amiens. After a short but eventful career afloat, he returns home, and subsequently joins the sister service, being appointed to a second lieutenancy in the old 95th Rifles. The ex-"reefer" takes an active part in the opening scenes of the Peninsular War, and meets with varied adventures in Portugal and Spain. After the battle of Coruna he once more returns to England. The story has an historical interest as well as a plot of exciting adventure, and a spice of humour which will commend it to the attention of lads who admire the stories of Captain Marryat.
Hardback decorated edition, 125mm by 185mm, in fair condition with some discolouration on the first pages.

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