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Roving Commissions, a Sailing Anthology

Roving Commissions, a Sailing Anthology


Since its formation in 1880, Royal Cruising Club members have contributed logs and pilotage information for each other's enjoyment and information. For some years these have been published in their yearly journal Roving Commissions and are available to all interested sailors. The technical pilotage notes submitted with the logs are held for the use of RCC members but much of the pilotage detail is made available to the RCC Pilotage Foundation who may incorporate it in their world wide publications.


Roving Commissions always contains something for everyone – from details of the most challenging sailing adventures to family pottering in favourite haunts. Cruises range over the world so whether you are interested in long or short-distance cruises there will be something for you, giving the flavour and excitement of the areas covered.

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