The Sally Baxter Girl Reporter Series was published in the United Kingdom by World Distributors during the 1960s.  The books are green and white and come with dust jackets.  During the 1970s, the first three titles were reissued in the picture cover format.
#9 In the series is 'The Lost Ballerina'
Sally Baxter is plunged into the fascinating world of ballet dancing when she discovers a teenager she believes is destined to become a prima ballerina.  Sally convinces The Daily Cry to finance Iolna Szedella's training at the famous Sara Lovran ballet school.  Iolna outshines all of the other students and seems destined for greatness.
However, great talent also breeds jealousy, and fellow student Diana Stuyver's stepmother is extremely envious of Iolna and will stop at nothing to guarantee that Diana will earn top honors at the school in spite of having no talent.  Mrs. Stuyver's plan works all too well, devastating Iolna, who disappears without a trace.  Sally and Diane search frantically for Iolna in an attempt to right the wrong.  Where has Iolna gone, and how can they ever find her?


Sally Baxter Girl reporter in the Lost Ballerina by Sylvia Edwards