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Sea Adventures & Wrecks on the NSW Coast by Loney

Sea Adventures & Wrecks on the NSW Coast by Loney

The character and prominence of Jack Loney is not measured by his extensive knowledge of maritime Australia, nor by the fact that he had written over one hundred publications;  nor because he was on the Historic Shipwrecks Advisory Committee, nor because he was involved in a large number of maritime associations. It is simply because he was - a gentleman, an educator, who gave so much of himself to others. The respect and admiration extended to Jack was due in great part to his willingness  to share his knowledge with others, and to encourage others. He never hoarded his material like some researchers. He always, graciously, gave of his time to help others, often at some considerable financial expense and time. It is for this reason alone that he is known to literally thousands of divers and maritime enthusiasts. Jack has done much to ensure that our national maritime heritage is never forgotten. Through his publications and his personal presentations and time spend with individuals, he has encouraged people to take a greater interest in our past, thus in a sense preserving our history for the future.

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