Childrens book; early migrations - origins (trihybrid theory), prehistory, explains what anthropologists, geologists & archaeologists do; describes Negritos, carbon dating, Tartanga excavations; Murrayians - appearance, weapons, Devon Downs excavations, stone tools; Carpentarians - appearance, weapons, canoes, body ornaments; Pitjandjara - location, names, camping, food & its preparation, weapons, shelters, sleeping, water resources, division of labour, birth, childhood, use of gum, wooden dishes, hair dressing, sacred objects, native tobacco, fire making, rock painting; (colours), childrens games, initiation, marriage rules, womens status, sign language, trading, initiation ceremony, instruction, ceremonial return to tribe, subincision, marriage, native remedies, death, inquest, burial; customs of eastern tribes initiation; totems, legends & ceremonies - increase ceremonies, Pleiades myth, Rainbow Serpent, eagle & crow myth (Maraura), tribal battles (Maraura, Ramindjeri, Jarildekald); hunting methods - Moreton Bay, Murray River; arts and crafts - baskets, bowls, skin cloaks, ornaments, body painting, rock art, musical instruments; contact with European civilization & its effects.


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The Australian Aborigines by Tindale & George