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The Cornish Riviera by S.P.B. Mais

The Cornish Riviera by S.P.B. Mais

Tuffs interesting guide to Cornwall has been published by the Great Western Railway, and copies may be obtained on application to the Publicity Department, Paddington Station, . London. Prospective visitors to Cornwall this winter will do well to ask for one. It will provide excellent reading, even if you are not going. to Cornwall, though obviously its purpose is to attract visitors. It should succeed in its function a dozen times more easily than the usual type of railway handbook. Mr. Mais takes his reader on a personal journey to all those winter resorts for which the Cornish -Coast is _famous, but he does not leave it at that. His enthusiasm for the rugged beauty of the Cornish coastline forces the reader to go with him and explore the principal bays; estuaries, inland towns and villages as well as innumer- able. secluded coves which are hardly ever heard of. Over 100 beautiful illustrations scattered throughout the book help to impress tlietlories of Cornwall on the reader's memory. You will indeed be living in Cornwall while you are turning over the pages of -'his book. If you are lazy, you may even feel on finally putting the book down that you know all.there is to know of Cornwall, its scenery, its habits and customs, its people and the delights of a holiday there. The only difficulty will be that the pages of this guide cannot radiate the warmth of the average Cornish day in winter-time. For that you will be forced to choose a rendezvous and pay it a visit.

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