45 illustrations / photographs. 160 pages clean and tight. EXPERIENCED breeders will find much to interest them in the book, while for the novice it is a genuine mine of information." -OUR DOGS. "It stands very much above the average, and is likely to stand the test of time much better than most similar works. Mrs. Lucas-Lucas has obviously enjoyed her task, but she has not allowed herself to be carried away by any one aspect of her subject. With 20 years' experience of breeding and showing cockers and judging the breed at championship shows at home and abroad, Mrs. Lucas-Lucas has succeeded in writing a well-balanced, yet instructive, book on her loved breed." -DOG WORLD. "Veronica Lucas-Lucas is a knowledgeable and successful breeder of cocker spaniels, and her book contains much useful and practical advice based upon her own experiences . . . those who breed or keep cocker spaniels will find the book well worth reading." -VETERINARY RECORD. "An engaging book . . . Mrs. Lucas-Lucas has been breeding cockers for the last 20 years, and the aount she gives of this charming breed is one which will appeal to the exnert and to the ordinary dog-owner alike." - ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. "A fine contributio, to the Popular Dogs series and Will be of the greatest practical value to all owners and breeders." - KENNEL GAZETTE. "Her book is a geld min of practical information. . . . This is an admirable work." - GAMEKEEPER & COUNTRYSIDE. The Jacket photograph is of the author's Sh. Ch. Sixshot Sugar Bird.


The Popular Cocker Spaniel by Veronica Lucas-Lucas