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The Russo-Japan War Vol III by Cassell

The Russo-Japan War Vol III by Cassell

Volume three of five, gilded & embossed illustrated hardcover book, sorry no dust-jacket. Some wear to edges (see photo) but tightly bound inside. "Cassell's History of the Russo-Japanese War - Volume III". This is the Special Edition, 1905, created and published by Cassell and Company, Limited. From inserted note from publishers in the book: "This Edition, being specially prepared for Subscription, is not obtainable through the general Booksellers. Cassell & Company, Limited." This is Volume III of 5 of Cassell's History of the Russo-Japanese War, a complete and comprehensive account of the Russo-Japanese War, richly illustrated with colour plates & monochrome illustrations on plates and among text, such as black & white photographs, portraits, drawings, maps & more. This Volume starts with Chapter XLVII: "Inside Port Arthur - A Spirited Defence - The Japanese Approach - Oyama in Command - Diary of the Siege - Torpedo Attacks - Capture of Woolf's Hill - Naval Incidents", and ends with Chapter LXVIII: "The Dogger Bank - British Fishermen at Work - Sudden Appearance of Baltic Squadron - Russians Open Fire - Killed and Wounded - British Indignation - Royal Sympathy - Government Takes Action - Naval Preparations" .

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