The extraordinary story of the world's last major exploration and experience of first-contact a 1938 39 Australian expedition of three thousand kilometres by foot, through the mountainous western highlands of Papua New Guinea. The pale skin of the strangers suggested that they were spirits sky people. How should they be treated? Local people repeatedly asked Why have you come?' Jim Taylor, with John Black and Pat Walsh, led a patrol of over 350 people. Most were carriers from Highlands areas already familiar with Europeans; about 40 were new Guinea police from the coast. with war looming, records of their remarkable experience were officially suppressed. Bill Gammage has talked to many of the people who were there both the visitors and those visited. With the rigour of a committed historian and a rare skill as a storyteller he traces a complex journey of minds as well as bodies. Every participant in this adventure was changed irrevocably. Readers, too, can expect an exhilarating mind shift.
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The Sky Travellers, Journeys in New Guinea 1938 - 1939, Bill Gammage