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Various Vintage Ladybird Books - Non-Fiction

Various Vintage Ladybird Books - Non-Fiction


In 1915 the Ladybird trade mark was registered by Loughborough printer Wills & Hepworth. During the First World War the company, based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, began to experiment with publishing ‘pure and healthy’ literature for children. This was the founding of Ladybird Books.

To this day, Ladybird Books are known and loved the world over. For millions of people, they bring back the golden days of childhood – learning to read, discovering the magic of books, and growing up.

Ladybird Books were also unique in the fact that they were illustrated, not by children’s illustrators, but by high calibre commercial artists who specialised in their respective fields. This attention to detail and differentiation has led to the artwork being revered and cherished across generations.


Please note this book is being kept at off-site storage, if you wish to view or purchase this book in store please email ahead of time.

Please see photos or email if you would like more information.


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