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Voices of the First World War

Voices of the First World War


Australia and New Zealand, Voices of the First World War. Commemorative collection of letters, diaries, songs, poems and images. 




The First World War was an unprecedented conflict that reshaped the global political landscape and modern attitudes to warfare, valour and patriotism. And for the fledgling nations of Australia and New Zealand it was yet more: the cauldron in which their identities were forged, the international stage on which they first performed and drew praise, the foundation of many of their institutions and traditions. This handsomely produced volume recounts the traumatic years of 1914 to 1918 through the 'voices' of those involved - the diaries and letters of officers, soldiers and nurses; the pronouncements of politicians and strategists; the songs sung on marches and in concert halls; the poems and memoirs that questioned the war, celebrated its victories and lamented its calamitous losses. Richly illustrated, it is a fascinating history, a beautiful commemorative keepsake, and a moving tribute to those who fought to defend their way of life.

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