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Best Book Club Questions

Book clubs are great. I never thought I would say that, but for the last three years I have been running a little book club and not only have I made some firm friends with each of the members, I have discovered so many great authors. We run our club a little differently to others, in that we don’t all read the same title each month. Instead we either choose an author with a decent backlist or a genre we want to explore. This way if it’s a busy month, we can use a book we’ve ready previously as our pick or if we don’t have access to one title, there are other options available. It’s been working really great for us. However as the person tasked with coming up with the questions, this has posed some problems. I have been finding I can’t ask specific book centric questions, because we haven’t read the same book! I know there are other book club major-domos out there who have difficulty finding good questions as well. So I decided to go back and have a look through the questions I’ve been asking each month, see which occur most frequently and which ones were most well received. I find that six-eight questions is just about right to get the discussion going without it going too late in the evening. So here’s my top picks to get a lively conversation going no matter the book!

  1. Are you familiar with the author prior to this book?

  2. Was there a particular reason you chose that book over other options?

  3. Were there themes interwoven into the story?

  4. Did you find the protagonists believable? Were there any decisions the characters made that would have completely changed up the book?

  5. What was unique about your book that you felt made it better/worse than you expected?

  6. Did anything in the story make you uncomfortable?

  7. Did you find the ending satisfying? Both of the individual books (and/or the larger series)

And the final bonus question we started adding after a few dud choices of books…

8) Where would you add a vampire to the story to spice it up?

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