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Books to read with our pets

I feel it is fitting for a shop named 'Dog Eared Books' for our inaugural blog post to be about good books to read with your pets. Of course, some of these are useful, some are just fun and some will hopefully help you appreciate your beloved fur-babies even more. Rabbits Yes ok, Watership Down by Richard Adams is the book of the week in the shop at the moment (3/10/16) but it's not only a delightful story (while also heartbreaking and beautiful at other points), it's also very informative about out the way rabbit live in community groups. It'll give you good ideas on how to care for your rabbit, keep it company and give your baby bunny interesting things to do. Dogs I feel Lassie or Old Yeller is a bit of a cop out so this is my mention of them and I'm moving along. Of course, Marley and Me by John Grogan is one of the best descriptions of life with a beloved canine companion but there are a number of other ones also worth a mention. There's also Horrie the War Dog by Roland Perry, eminently popular both with animal lovers and people interested in the armed forces, along with Trackers, The untold story of Australian Dogs of War by Peter Haran. For the younger readers though Emily Rodda's Dog Tales is perfect as you can read a story, give your dog a cuddle, then read another story! Cats The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide has been a runaway hit of the last twelve months. Although I have yet to see one in Dog Eared Books, I live in hope as I can't wait to read it. For the younger reader there is The Warriors Series by Erin Hunter, about different clans of warrior cats and their trials, is full of action and adventure. Kittens in Trouble by Lucy Daniels just came in and is two books in one sure to keep a younger cat lover very happy. Of course Cat in the Hat and Old Possums Book of Practical Cats are old favourites too and perfect afternoon reading with the kids and cat on your lap. Horses Refer previous descriptions of cop outs for dogs, so Black Beauty, Silver Brumby, National Velvet and Horse Whisperer I feel are also cop outs, moving along. Maggie Steifvator's YA novel, the Scorpio Racers is going to be entirely satisfying for any fans of fantasy as well as horse fiction. Meanwhile Rachael Treasure's books have horses all over the front covers and as a retired Jillaroo, I think you might be assured there'll be a few featured. Also we have a big pile of horsey books for younger readers at the moment so now is the time to get your horse fiction fix if you're aged 5-14. Birds I think my favourite series with a bird as the main character is Mo Willems Pigeon series, with such titles as 'Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus', 'Duckling Gets a Cookie' and more. Hilarious and great teaching tool for little kids who don't like hearing no, sharing or going to bed. Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn doesn't exactly have a bird in it, but is perfect for as Spring afternoons reading surrounded by birdsong. Check out the photo above for more ideas on good pet related books and come and visit if you want to pick any of them up.

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