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Bookshop memes

To continue my exploration of myths vs realities of owning a bookshop and to prepare you for next month's Blog, 'The Best Reasons to Work in a Bookshop' here are some pictures, memes and more that I feel capture the essence of what I am trying to convey....



Want to know what my nightmares look like? These piles and piles of books that need to be shelved somewhere...

And ah yes, the people who have walked in on me shelving at 8am, two hours before opening... in the dark.


I feel like this channels Bernard Black from BBC Black Books, with a dash of Shaun Bythell from 'Diary of a Bookseller'. I dream of being this curmudgeonly.

I feel like this channels Bernard Black from BBC Black Books

You really don't need a gym membership working in a bookshop (See next month).

I am lucky enough that most people/customers around here are fully aware of how many (hundreds of) books both myself and my colleagues read at Dog Eared. But I have heard this rude utterance in other well-reputed bookshops.

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