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If you had three bookish wishes - What would they be?

Poof! Genie appears and will grant you three wishes. Amazing, exciting, oh no - caveat - they must be book related! I asked my esteemed colleagues what their wishes would be and got some beautiful responses...


1. I wish I had more room to keep my best books ever and had the sense not to lend or trade these. Worse ever story was finding a bestie that I loved had been donated to VINNIES without its return from a loan and I had to buy it back. Thought of black listing this borrower but do you think I can remember who I lent it to? My name clearly printed on front page together with the DOGEARED stamp was the ultimate insult.

2. Wish there were more reading hours for me or a hole that I could climb into where I could retreat.

3. Wish I had not waited so long to fall in love with books. My reading didn’t start till I was in my 30s.


1. To be able to produce any book at will out of thin air. This would be particularly useful in situations where you find yourself with nothing to do, like on a long train trip. Or if you forget to bring your school text to class, no sweat you can just pull it out of the air. Also a cool party trick!

2. Being able to magically send a book anywhere. Overdue library book? Snap, it’s returned. Bought a bag of books and still have groceries to carry? Snap, they’re waiting for you at home. Found a book your friend absolutely needs to read? Snap, it’s in their hands.

3. The power to hop in and out of any book world (without being harmed by anything scary that might be there of course). Getting frustrated at uni or work? I’ll just throw this book at the wall (onlookers: ???!) and step into the magic portal that appeared and vanish into a peaceful chapter of Narnia (onlookers: *jaws drop*). Ok time for some action, battle of Hogwarts here I come! But I really should get back to history research for my essay... or I could just experience things first hand in Pliny’s historical records!


1. Wish I could have a Mary Poppins bag of books. That way I always have my complete collection with me, AND the room to keep all of them!

2. Alongside having the unlimited space in my Mary Poppins Bag, therefore I would magically love to get all the new Folio editions appearing in my beautifully catalogued collection.

3. Since this bag will be ginormous on the inside, I better add a ‘wish to put my hand on whichever book I want’ otherwise I’ll spend my entire day rooting around in the bag desperately trying to find my chosen book.


1. My first wish is simple but useful one. I wish that that anytime I flip open a book it opens back up to the last page I read.

2. My second wish would be that all the books I buy in a series match. Both Emma and Kate can attest to the number of times I’ve been at a bookstore and gotten thoroughly upset because the books I want to buy don’t match the rest of the series I already own.

3. My third and favourite wish would be that I could have a secret reading nook dungeon lair that is filled with books and comfy reading spots. It has to have one of the hidden bookshelf doors that swing out so that no one can interrupt me in the middle of a good book and also because secret lairs are cool.

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