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Whiskey and Author Pairings

So in the world of foodies they've paired everything with wine, whiskey and anything else with alcohol in it. In our house, whiskey is the tipple of choice and so one day, hugging my latest book to my chest I went looking for a dram to complement. This got me thinking of all the different expressions of whiskey and I realised that just as there is an author for everyone, there's a whiskey for every author. So below are my completely subjective pairings of highly popular authors and highly popular whiskey. Some assumption is made towards you having read or at least heard of the following authors. If not, the descriptions of the whiskey should give you an idea about their styles. I should also note that we only deal in single malts or blends done from primarily upmarket distilleries. However all of these whiskeys can be easily found at your local bottle shop and all the authors found in Dog Eared Books.

Geraldine Brooks (Historical fiction)- Nant, Bourbon Wood A light smooth Australian whiskey, that won’t blow your head off, but clearly a lovely dram. Liane Moriarty (Australian modern fiction) - Abelour, 12 year old Smooth with floral overtones, but a bit of body to it to give a weight to the flavour. Jeffrey Archer (Clifton Chronicles, family saga) - Glenfarclas, 25 year old A distinctively expensive malt, that nonetheless feels very accessible to the palate. Ian Rankin (Scottish crime fiction)- Benromach 10 year old There are spices in this Speyside malt, that give this deceptively gentle malt a hidden kick. Robin Hobb (Epic fantasy) - Starward A stiff nose but a smooth finish seems to somehow mimic her ever-growing sets of series. Oliver Sacks (Scientific non-fiction) - Blantons, Original Private Reserve Single Barrel Fantastically complex but beautifully flavoured and smooth, Blantons has a gentle finish. Lee Child (Thriller) - Ardbeg 10 year old A smack in the face and a hit at the back of the throat announces the peaty-ness of this whiskey.

If anyone’s got any requests for author and whiskey pairings shoot me an email at

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