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Books to read in a mood...

Sometimes it's really hard to decide what to read next and even though you want to read, you're either too bored, tired or simply uninspired to work out what should be your next book. So to help make it a little easier when you're indecisive we've put together this list of fantastic books to bring you out of whatever slump you're in.

When you're Bored - I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

You need some action, adventure and a completely fantastic thriller to throw yourself into.. Terry Hayes is the man. For fans of Lee Child, Daniel Silva and David Baldacci this spy mystery will keep you turning around until the end. It's fantastic to have such a strong Australian thriller on our shelves.

When you're Sad - One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson I always describe this as a Nordic Forrest Gump, as Allan, the One-Hundred-Year-Old-Man of the title, seems to get himself into sticky situations in important moments in history. Gently humorous, with a lilting style of narration, it won't help you solve your problems but might distract you long enough to let the sadness lift a little bit. When you're Flaky - That favourite book you've read so many times but still love... I know this is cheating a little bit but when you're feeling a little flaky and not sure what to do (think Sunday afternoons when the weather isn't hot, isn't cold and it’s overcast and yuk), pull out that book that always makes you happy. Whether its a classic like Jane Eyre, a biography like Call the Midwife, thriller like the Lee Childs or something silly like Rosie Project, it doesn't matter. Just make sure it's something you love and never feel guilty for re-visiting an old friend. When you're Uninspired - The Life-Changing Magic Art of Tidying by Marie Kondo I know, who wants to read a book about tidying? Boring right - until you read the first page of this book and you become hooked. Both on her sparse and simple way of writing and the fact that every time she tells you something the response is always 'Hey, I can totally do that!'. It's easy to implement in your life and makes day to day living in your house just that bit easier. Who doesn't want that?

When you're Annoyed and Irritable - The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce Unlikely though this may seem, this is a gentle novel about an old man who walks to a post box and then keeps going all the way from one end of England to the other to visit a dying friend. A story of self-discovery, its loveable flawed main character will show you how it's OK to be a little broken inside and by the end of the book you'll realise that's most things are ok. When you're too Hot - Burial Rites by Hannah Kent With the release of Hannah Kent’s second book, Burial Rites has seen a resurgence in popularity around Pennant Hills and with good reason. This is a darkly written of harsh justice meted out in 1800s Iceland. The story unfolds to explain why the last woman who was beheaded for murder committed such a crime. It’s the descriptions of their town, life and weather though that send shivers down your spine in the middle of summer.

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