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Author Spotlight: Lee Child

Yes, yes, I know you’ve read all the Lee Child Jack Reacher series. I know there’s 23 of them and he’s still going strong! There are many appealing things to Lee Child’s books… The main character Jack Reacher is just so likeable, but different from anything else we’ve seen before. The bleak and fascinating look at small town America. The action packed sequences that keep you flipping the pages as fast as you can but the accessible writing style that means you can read the book at the end of a long day. But the question always is, what to do when waiting for the next one to come out? So I’ve compiled a list of authors who might fill the gaps a bit when you’re waiting for Reacher’s next adventure.

Daniel Silva - Absolutely the first author on my list has to be Daniel Silva. Similar to the Lee Child’s in that it’s (mostly) the same main character through the books, but this time Gabriel Allon is an ex-spy/assassin turned art restorer in Europe.

David Baldacci - Many of you will already know Baldacci, but just in case you missed him I had to include him on this list! The other benefit of Baldacci, is that he has a number of different series you can get involved in, so if you’re not keen on one, try another!

Charles Cumming - Downside is that so far there’s only 8 in the series and they're tricky for us to find second-hand, upside - they’re a brilliant mix of American thriller and English crime.

Michael Dobbs - just finished his First Lady and boy was it a ripper if you’re a fan of the epic House of Cards series. English, but still cutthroat! He's got historical fiction thrillers as well if you feel like something a little different.

Vince Flynn - Many of you will also know of Vince Flynn, but might not have read one in a while. Another American action packed series that keep you turning the pages.

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