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Sometimes life is difficult and we need a book to inspire us. Whether it's to inspire us to work harder, better, deal with our social anxieties or simply to get up in the morning – you might be surprised at how the right book at the right time can change your life.

With lots going on in my life at the moment, I decided I would branch out and read some books that would inspire me in different ways. I've read a whole heap now, but these were the stand-out books for different reasons. (They are in no particular order)

Is it Just Me? by Miranda Hart – Being a fan of Call the Midwife and her own self-titled TV show, Miranda this was a no brainer for me to read. It made me cry with laughter at times, while also having a funny feeling of 'It's not just me' throughout the book.

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg – This book got mixed reviews when it first came out and I realised that part of it was the fact the the reviewers were male and honestly just didn't get it. This is a must for any female working in the corporate environment.

Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – Although this does get very 'American' in style in certain places it's worth pushing through as there are just some nuggets of gold in this book. When you read what she's doing and say 'Yes, that'd also work for me and I can do it now to help with my own personal happiness'.

Gut by Guilia Enders – Not exactly about inner beauty, this book was great just to remind myself that our inner gut beauty is so important for helping our mental health. Strangely hilarious at times too. The drawings are great and giggle-worthy.

Mixed Blessings by Deborah Lee – Deborah Lee has been a foster carer of mostly small babies for 28 years. This is the story of one woman, through her privilege trying to help in the world in the best way she can.

Mindest by Carol Dweck – This book was quoted in about six or seven other books I have read in the last six months. Her groundbreaking studies has influenced pedagogy round the world and it certainly changed the way I view both myself and the world.

Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang – Subtitled, 'Why You Get More Done When You Work Less', it made me re-evaluate the times in my life I was most successful – and you know what, I rested. With historical anecdotes, science and studies galore this book is easy to read and will help you come to terms with your own tiredness in this busy world.

My next inspiring book to read is the new release – The World is a Nice Place by Amy Molloy. She's been getting a bit of media attention and being a local author, I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into it.

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