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Favourite place to read?

There are so many pictures on the internet of reading nooks that look amazing but if I’m going to be honest - they don’t look very comfortable to sit and read in! The picture below, looks great - but would it really be a comfortable place to sit and devour a book?

I think the pre-requisites of a comfy reading spot is somewhere soft with room to move around, natural light and a table/flat area nearby to have drinks and snacks on.

My two favourite spots to read are at home on the couch, which is a larger three seater so I can stretch my legs out if I want to, or curl up in a ball. There’s a side table and in winter with a blanket it’s quite cozy. With a view out the picture window to the trees, it’s a nice spot no matter the weather.

However my other favourite spot is out on the grass. I know it’s missing some of the normal requisites, in that the grass often gets quite hard quite quickly but there’s something about reading out the dappled light. With our bunnies zooming around the backyard, you feel like your communing with nature while being relaxing at the same time.

Where are your favourite places to read? Do you have a reading spot and if not - maybe it’s time to create one of your own in the house!

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